✴️Manga AI Points

At Manga AI, we believe in valuing our users' contributions. To this end, we've introduced Manga AI Points – a system designed to reward the creativity and engagement of our MANGA AI Bot users.

How it Works: For every image generated using the MANGA AI Bot, users will earn 1 Manga AI Point. A daily maximum of 3 images can be generated per user, thus enabling dedicated users to accumulate 3 points each day.

Exclusivity Matters: Please note that these points hold exclusivity within the official MANGA AI group. Any image generated outside this group will not be eligible for earning points. This ensures that the points are only attributed to interactions within our official community.

Gems of the Future: Think of Manga AI Points as gems that you're collecting. These gems hold potential value for future endeavors within the MANGA AI ecosystem. As we continue to evolve, these points could unlock exciting opportunities and rewards.

Your dedication to the MANGA AI community is valued, and Manga AI Points are our way of showing appreciation. Keep generating amazing images, earn your points, and look forward to the possibilities these gems hold.

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